White is Black
The Photography and Something of Shuntaro Kanekiyo


Vietnam in June, 2011

1 I couldn't arrange a tour to Tibet from Kathmandu, Nepal.
Because there was a big festibal there,
and the entrance of foreingner was forbitten at that time.
When I knew that I coulnd'nt go there,
my nepal visa's expiration date was nearly over.
I hurriedly got a flight ticket to Vietnam.
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28 I got dengue fever, probably in Nha Trang.
I felt fucking painful headache which I'd never felt.
And I couln't eat anyhing for a couple of days.

Dengue fever, it's a kind of virus,
and mosquito carry dengue virus.
So we shouln't be bitten by a mosquito.

Who knows the way not to be bitten by a mosquito.

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