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The Photography and Something of Shuntaro Kanekiyo


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About Me


Name:Shuntaro Kanekiyo

Date of birth:22/09/1988



The place where I was born : Tokyo

The place where I grow up:Kanagawa

Main Camera:Ricoh GR1, Nikon F3

Main film:Kodak T-max 400

My favorites

Photographer:Irvving Penn / Nobuyoshi Araki / Robert Frank

Musician:Sigur Rós / Radiohead / My Bloody Valentine / Jesus And Mary Chain
The Libertine / sThe Stone Roses / The Velvet Underground / The White Stripes

Fashion designer:Martin Margiela / Paul Harnden


I was majoring in international political science.
In the first year, I researched the refugee and the dispute problem.
In the second year, I picked up NPO and the United Nations which wrestled with them, and I researshed both advantages and disadvantages.
In the third year, I knew one existence to solve a social problem for business.
It overcame many demerits which NPO and the United Nations cannot overcome.
It's called "Social Entrepreneur". I was interested in social entrepreneur, and wrote the thesis, and this thesis won the fine work.


I'd traveld in Asia for 8 month.
India, Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand,China, Mongol, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
You can view some picture HERE !!

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